Ebook: Asset Tokenisation Unpacked

Asset tokenisation represents a significant leap forward in democratising investment and ownership of a wide array of assets. It allows the conversion of both tangible and intangible assets into digital tokens on blockchain platforms, thereby addressing inefficiencies of traditional asset management, such as liquidity issues, opacity, and high barriers to entry.

However, alongside these promising advancements come challenges and potential risks, including ownership fragmentation, regulatory uncertainty, technical complexity, and counterparty risk. These must be carefully managed to secure the integrity and potential of the tokenisation market. Understanding these dynamics is pivotal for those looking to navigate the tokenisation space, regardless of whether you are entering the tokenisation space to tokenise assets yourself or for investment opportunities.

This ebook delves into various facets of tokenisation, offering a step-by-step guide to both asset tokenisation and investment in tokenised assets, with a special focus on addressing the peculiar challenges each may entail. For asset owners, tokenisation opens up pathways to unlock value and engage with investors on a new level. The comprehensive process consists of 3 main phases, namely the pre-tokenisation, tokenisation, and post-tokenisation phase, and involves multiple steps, from platform selection and onboarding to valuation, deal structuring, and ensuring regulatory compliance.