CORE Pillar

Liquidity & Markets

The Liquidity & Markets pillar ensures token availability and market liquidity. The aim is to handle token issuance, nurture partnerships with market makers and liquidity providers, and closely monitor market conditions. Enhancing liquidity and optimising market dynamics are crucial aspects of the Defactor platform.

Liquidity & Markets - Roadmap

This strategic roadmap guides our efforts in creating a framework that facilitates a diverse range of asset classes within the Defactor ecosystem. It plays a crucial role in providing oversight and facilitating access to FACTR token listings. It also establishes a timeframe for onboarding the ecosystem with liquidity.

H1 2023

  • Conduct comprehensive testing of processes and technology by completing funding flows using Defactor capital
  • Validate and refine the operational procedures to ensure seamless liquidity operations

H2 2023

  • Collaborate with external liquidity providers through operational entities, attracting them to engage with and contribute to the Defactor ecosystem
  • Open up opportunities within the Defactor ecosystem for these external liquidity providers to participate and leverage their expertise

H1 2024

  • Introduce Real-World Asset (RWA) products to strategic fintech applications, enabling them to offer attractive yield opportunities to their customers
  • Forge partnerships with these fintech apps to expand the reach and adoption of RWA products

H2 2024

  • Establish open access for approved liquidity providers to fund the RWA network, powered by Defactor, across various asset classes
  • Enable liquidity providers to engage in funding activities within the Defactor ecosystem, creating a diverse and dynamic marketplace

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