Token Creation Tool

Interested in launching a new token? Unlock a new financial future with Defactor's ASSETS tool.

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What is ASSETS?

Our ASSETS tool provides the capability to convert your Real World Assets, like Real Estate and Gold, into tradable tokens.

Key Features

Divide high-value assets into smaller units, enabling broader investor participation.

Transform traditionally illiquid assets into highly liquid ones, allowing for faster transactions on global digital exchanges.

Enhance trust and compliance with the revolutionary power of Blockchain technology.

Cut out intermediaries and streamline processes, reducing fees and delays associated with traditional asset transactions.

More Details

Defactor is a member of the ERC-3643 consortium. This affiliation signifies a commitment to harnessing this standard's capabilities. The consortium's focus on compliance, native KYC/ID support, and issuer-controlled tokens align seamlessly with Defactor's vision for secure and regulated tokenisation practices. 

Our ASSETS Tool in Action

Tokenise, Invest and Exchange a Diverse Range of Real-World Assets.

Enhance the Liquidity of Your Assets Through Fractional Ownership.

Increase Accessibility and Transparency with Revolutionary Technology.

Ebook: Asset Tokenisation Unpacked

This free ebook provides an in-depth explanation of asset tokenisation.

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