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Empower your ideas and transform the Defactor Ecosystem with the Defactor Grants Program. We champion community-driven innovation, providing the funding, resources, and support to make your groundbreaking solutions a reality.

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Grants Program: Supporting Innovation and Advancement in the Defactor Ecosystem

The Defactor Grants Program is an initiative aimed at supporting community members in developing innovative solutions that advance the Defactor ecosystem. The program offers grants to teams who propose new ideas or solutions that improve the Defactor ecosystem. The purpose of the grants program is to encourage community members to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems facing the Defactor ecosystem, while also providing funding and support for their efforts.

Grant Types and Examples

The grants can take many forms, including funding, mentorship, or other resources. The association offers different levels of funding for different types of innovation. For example, a higher grant is offered for a ground-breaking idea versus a minor improvement. Here are some examples of successful grants programs:

  • A grant offered for the development of a new tool or innovation that utilises the FACTR token.
  • A grant offered for the creation of a new integration that expands the ecosystem's capabilities.
  • A grant offered for the development of a new feature that enhances the user experience of the ecosystem.
Application Process

To apply for a Defactor Grant, teams must submit a proposal that outlines their idea, the problem it solves, and the expected impact it will have on the Defactor ecosystem. The proposal should also include a detailed plan for how the team will execute on their idea, as well as a budget for the funds requested.

Applications will be reviewed by the Defactor Association who will evaluate the proposals based on their innovation, feasibility, and potential impact on the Defactor ecosystem. The judging process will also consider the team's experience and track record in contributing to the ecosystem (or similar ecosystems).


The Defactor Grants Program is an exciting opportunity for community members to contribute to the development of the Defactor ecosystem while also receiving funding and support for their efforts. By offering grants for innovative solutions, the program aims to incentivize a wide range of contributions and encourage collaboration and innovation among teams.

To participate in the program, teams can visit the Defactor website or the Engage community app for more information on how to apply. By working together, we can continue to drive progress and development in the Defactor ecosystem, while also building a strong and engaged community of contributors.