Defactor Brand Guide

Download the Defactor logo and find more information about the typography and colours used in our branding.

Please feel free to contact us if you need specific files.

Brand Colours

Defactor's brand colours represent its core values and mission. The colours are purple for legal and justice, red for community, green for finance and growth, and gold for technology and innovation. These colours have been chosen to create a cohesive visual identity for Defactor's brand across all of its marketing materials. We aim is to create a recognisable and trustworthy brand.







Logo Design

Represents movement, agility and the four pillars of the Defactor ecosystem.

- Technology & Innovation
- Governance
- Community
- Liquidity & Markets

Defactor Pillars

Defactor's 4 pillars represent our values and goals, The dynamic design of each pillar image corresponds with our logo.

Defactor Toolkit

Our three product logos:

Engage: Governance, staking & support
Pools: Lending pools for liquidity & funding
Assets: Digitally represented real-world assets


Defactor uses three different fonts in its branding and marketing materials: DM Sans, Poppins, and Source Sans Pro.

DM Sans is used for headings and titles, Poppins for body text and captions, and Source Sans Pro for smaller text elements and captions.

The goal is to create a modern and consistent look that reflects Defactor's mission and values. These fonts are used consistently across all materials to ensure a recognisable and trustworthy brand.


DM Sans

Heading XL

Heading L

Heading M

Heading S

Heading XS
Heading XXS


Modern, approachable, easy-to-read Google font.

Article Text:

Source Sans Pro

Clean and modern. Widely-used, compatible with most design applications. Free Adobe font.

Application - Stationary

Here are some examples on how the brand language can be used in various stationary documents.

business cards
Download PDF
Business card mockup
Download PDF
Letterhead mockup
Download PDF
Brochure Mockup

Application - Merchandise

Get some t-shirts or tote bags made locally and be sure to share on socials.