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Living Colour


Open, honest, trust worthy, innovative & fun

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Defactor Brand Colors

Defactor has updated its brand colours to represent its core values and mission. The new colours are purple for legal and justice, red for community, green for finance and growth, and gold for technology and innovation. These colours have been chosen to create a cohesive visual identity for Defactor's brand across all of its marketing materials. We aim is to create a recognizable and trustworthy brand reflecting Defactor's mission to be a leader at the intercestion of RWA and Decentralised Finance..



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Poppins is a popular sans-serif font that is simple, versatile, and easy to read. It has clean lines and rounded edges, making it approachable and friendly for various brands.Using Poppins as your brand font can give you a modern and professional look, especially for small-sized branding materials like business cards and flyers.Another advantage of Poppins is that it's a Google font, so it's free to use and accessible. You can download it from the Google Fonts website.

Overall, Poppins is a great choice for any brand looking for a modern, approachable, and easy-to-read font. Try it for your next branding project and see the impact it has on your brand identity.

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Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is a popular sans-serif font designed by Adobe. It has a clean and modern look with a slightly condensed style, making it a great choice for branding materials.Using Source Sans Pro as your brand font can give you a professional and sophisticated look. Its legibility makes it easy to read, even in small sizes, which is essential for branding materials such as business cards and flyers.

Another benefit of using Source Sans Pro is that it's a widely-used font, so it's compatible with most design applications. You can download it for free from the Adobe Fonts website.


Defactor uses three different fonts in its branding and marketing materials: DM Sans, Poppins, and Source Sans Pro. DM Sans is used for headings and titles, Poppins for body text and captions, and Source Sans Pro for smaller text elements and captions. The goal is to create a modern and consistent look that reflects Defactor's mission and values. These fonts are used consistently across all materials to ensure a recognizable and trustworthy brand that reflects Defactor's leadership in the crypto space.

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