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We support you on your RWA token journey from creation, and issuance, to monitoring and reporting. Accelerate your business into RWA with transformative tools.

Unlock the potential of RWA, empower your token holders, and streamline lending and borrowing with our comprehensive RWA tokenisation solution.

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What is the Real-World Asset TOOLKIT?

Whether you are a De-fi Pioneer or involved in traditional finance’s adoption of Web3 - our groundbreaking RWA Toolkit makes your journey towards RWA mastery swift and smooth. Our RWA Toolkit has a range of products that can help you navigate the stages of growing your Web3 RWA Economy. From Tokenisation to Liquidity Pools - we have the solution for you.

Key Features

Easy to access with our user-friendly software-as-a-service interface 

Tools can be used independently or together

Transaction-based fee structure keeps your overhead down

Leverages smart contracts to minimise financial risks

More Details

Engage your Token Holders with flexible, dynamic staking and community voting

Foster community via governance and vesting tools

Generate revenue with our fee-collection engine 

Create Liquidity Pools and facilitate easy-to-deploy RWA Lending and Borrowing contracts.

Our RWA TOOLKIT in Action

Empower, Inform, and Incentivise Your Token Holders with ENGAGE.

Liquidity pools multi asset class

Tap Into Liquidity Through Lending and Borrowing with POOLS.

Empower Investors with Our Innovative Technology, ASSETS.


Interested in increasing engagement with your token?

Discover the power of ENGAGE, where your community can delve into the heart of the your token's performance through comprehensive tokenomics insights. Allow token holders to seamlessly stake your tokens to unlock lucrative yields and actively contribute to your network growth. Manage governance and allow community voting. Assign tokens to teams with our vesting engine. You can even generate revenue with our Fee Collection Engine through Buyback and Share schemes.

ENGAGE puts our community in control, making tokenomics, staking, and governance accessible and intuitive.


Interested in RWA borrowing and lending solutions?

Defactor POOLS offers the capability to lock assets and access liquidity through decentralised lending on a custom white-label platform. Embark on your journey with Defactor POOLS through our streamlined onboarding process.

Lending and Borrowing contracts made easy.

Receivables overview


Interested in launching a new token?

Empower your business with our cutting-edge token creation tool. As a proud member of the ERC-3643 consortium, Defactor is committed to harnessing the full potential of this standard, ensuring unparalleled capabilities for our users.

Join us and unlock a new era of financial possibilities with Defactor ASSETS.

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Empower your business with Defactor's open-source RWA technology toolkit, a game-changer in real-world asset tokenisation. Redefine liquidity and innovation with Defactor.

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