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Meeting in person is a powerful way to build community, trust, and business networks.

We are hosting a series of RWA events around the world, building meaningful relationships and a strong network of like-minded people.

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Upcoming Events

TOKEN2049 Singapore

Bringing together crypto-native and institutional minds to produce high-quality and engaging discussions.

DEVCON7 - South East Asia

Discover Ethereum's essence at Devcon, a unique conference uniting developers, creators, and learners for knowledge-sharing, inspiration, and a global reunion.

Past Events


ETHDubai is an exciting conference tailored for passionate developers and contributors interested in Ethereum, DeFi , and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

Defactor RWA Session

Join us for an evening of RWA discussions, networking, refreshments and hopefully some laughs!

TOKEN2049 Dubai

Playing host to a wide range of meetups, workshops, networking drinks and parties - creating unparalleled networking opportunities.