Redefining Finance Through Asset Tokenisation









Traditional finance faces barriers, limiting access and hindering global participation.

Unlock a new financial future with Defactor's comprehensive decentralised open-source toolkit.

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Ecosystem Partners

Real capital at work

Since launch, our partners have been rigorously testing our technology and processes with real funds to ensure transparency, compliance, and operational excellence.

Staking Available

Staking aligns interests in our ecosystem. You can earn rewards by locking your FACTR. In doing so, you'll have the ability to suggest and vote on roadmaps and initiatives.

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Lock For Longer

Staking FACTR tokens earns you rewards that increase with the duration of your stake. By staking, you help secure the network, reduce circulating supply, and contribute to FACTR's growth and success.

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Stake & VOte

All staked wallets have the ability and option to participate in the direction of defactor through governance.

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Technology & Innovation

Defactor pioneers innovation at the convergence of Real-World Assets (RWA) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Simplifying and reducing the time to market for businesses to get started by providing DeFi liquidity backed up with real-world value.

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Your participation is indispensable in boosting collaboration and driving innovation in the Real-World Assets (RWA) world. By working together, we aim to develop a community of experts and enthusiasts dedicated to exercising their voting rights, exchanging ideas, and joining projects.

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Get Involved


Join our community to accelerate collaboration and foster innovation in the realm of real-world assets tokenisation by engaging with your DeFi community.

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Liquidity & Markets

The Liquidity & Markets pillar ensures token availability and market liquidity. The aim is to handle token issuance, nurture partnerships with market makers and liquidity providers, and closely monitor market conditions. Enhancing liquidity and optimising market dynamics are crucial aspects of the Defactor platform.

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WE are defactor

About Us

Defactor focuses on developing, innovating, and promoting an ecosystem of tokenised real-world assets. It empowers builders and businesses to succeed in their missions with tokenisation and decentralised finance.

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