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$FACTR is the native token of the defactor ecosystem, designed to enable easy access to applications and infrastructure. It aligns interests and incentivises growth,

Contract Address on Ethereum & Polygon:


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Token Economics

Fixed Supply


Association: Tokens allocated to the association are for the purpose of incentivising growth in the overall ecosystem.

Initial Sale: These tokens were allocated to buyers who wanted to participate in the pre and launch sale.

Staking Rewards: Staking rewards are emitted through staking contracts where token holder lock their $FACTR for a period of time for rewards.

Ecosystem & Partnerships: Partners current & future may be rewarded or paid in $FACTR tokens to incentivise ecosystem growth.  These tokens would be vested and only liquid after delivery of agreed milestones.

Team & Contributors: The team and the advisors, will be entitled to tokens which are awarded bi-annually and are subject to 18 months vesting.

Token Economics Pie Chart

Token Release Schedule

Token release bar chart graph

*This data is an estimated projection of the token release schedule.