Token Community Engagement & Insights

Empower, inform and incentivise your token holders with Defactor's ENGAGE tool. Your community portal to the world of tokenisation.

Prioritise transparency and strive to provide users and partners with reliable, up-to-date information. If you believe in empowering your community and fostering active involvement, this is the white label solution for you.

What is ENGAGE?

Even before the Token Holder recruitment process begins, tokenisation is challenging. Defactor ENGAGE helps you grow and incentivise your community, by enhancing the utility of your token.

Key Features

Enhance the prominence, value, and utility of your token by leveraging our advanced community management tool.

Provide your Token Holders with tracking, monitoring, and measuring.

Transaction-based fee structure keeps your overhead down

Leverages smart contracts to minimise financial risks

More Details

Provide insight into the performance and health of your token

Out-of-the-box features and functionality for incentivising Token Holders to get more from their token through staking, voting, and grants.

Our ENGAGE Tool in Action

Bounties overview

Keep Your Community Informed with Our Analytics Dashboard.

FACTR Token Engage App Mockup

Empower Users to Seamlessly Stake Tokens and Earn Yields.

Defactor Engage App Mockups

Provide Governance To Your Community to Shape Your Ecosystem. 

ENGAGE Use Cases

Use Case


Powered by Defactor’s solutions, Libertum has leveraged Engage from the Defactor toolkit, to complement their token utility and to increase engagement from their community.