Community Engagement App

Explore the Defactor ecosystem with the Defactor Community Engagement App Engage. Your community portal to the world of tokenisation.

Defactor prioritises transparency and strives to provide users and partners with reliable, up-to-date information. We believe in empowering our community and fostering active involvement. In line with these principles, we have developed the Engage community portal.


Get valuable insights into the FACTR token's performance, including which networks it operates on, its total supply, and its distribution across different wallets. Stay informed with our token analytics dashboard.


Lock up your FACTR tokens to earn yields and participate in various staking programs. The Engage app makes staking seamless, empowering you to contribute to the Defactor network's growth and security.

Staking overview


Be part of the decision-making process. Exercise your voting rights and have your say in the future of the Defactor ecosystem. Join the governance vote on Engage, where we run a robust governance framework.


We encourage active community involvement through our bounty program. Take on tasks and goals set by the project and earn rewards for completion. Showcase your skills and contribute to the development of the network while reaping the benefits of your efforts.

Bounties overview


Apply for grants to turn your ideas into reality and make a positive impact on our ecosystem. Whether you're building new technologies or executing specific activities, Defactor supports your initiatives and encourages innovation.

Active proposals overview