CORE Pillar


Your participation is indispensable in boosting collaboration and driving innovation in the Real-World Assets (RWA) world. By working together, we aim to develop a community of experts and enthusiasts dedicated to exercising their voting rights, exchanging ideas, and joining projects.

Governance - Roadmap

Effective governance is a fundamental pillar at Defactor, driving our vision of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) with well-defined missions and aligned objectives. This roadmap sets the course for Defactor's governance innovation until 2024.

H1 2023

  • Launch Governance Portal v1.5, enabling stakeholders to suggest, signal, and seek support
  • Publish our Governance Framework to provide transparency and clarity
  • Explore operational protocols for DAOs

H2 2023

  • Appoint two new board members, including one with specific expertise in decentralised governance

H1 2024

  • Establish a governance council with a clear mandate to structure and operate a governance model that aligns with our objectives

H2 2024

  • Allocate capital, power, and resources to the edges of our organisation, ensuring efficient operations and accountability

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