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Lending Pools Platform

Launch your own lending pools with Defactor Pools.

Defactor provides businesses and projects (pool operators) the ability to lock their assets and access liquidity by creating lending campaigns in a decentralised fashion through a custom white-label platform.

Customised White-Label

Every pool debut offers unique domains and branding options. During BETA, we ensure controlled access, partnering exclusively with trusted operators. Each vertical and asset class demands unique solutions. Together, we craft the precise approach required.

Liquidity pools overview

Distinct Advantages

Defactor's team has a wealth of experience in trad-fi, fintech, web3, and access to a huge network, like regulators, brokers, and industry players. The technology we are building can facilitate the creation of new business models around the world.

Roadmap previews


Our integrated platform and token ecosystem are set up and primed for immediate use.



Join early, shape innovations, and be at the forefront of our journey from the outset.

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Experience our boutique approach - a dedicated, attentive team ensuring your project's success unlike any other.

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Pool Mechanics

Pools utilise the USDC stablecoin. Defactor implements a per-pool fee, channeled into our buyback & make program. All contracts undergo external audits for precision and security.

Onboarding Process

Step 1

Discovery session with Defactor Team

Step 2

(optional) Due diligence with partners

Step 3

BUILD-OUT: configuration, size, tECH

Step 4


Receivables overview

Strategic Collaborations

We're on the lookout for web3 initiatives and web2 ventures with assets ready for web3 DeFi integration. If you're a leader in your asset domain, let's join forces. Grants are available to fine-tune functionalities.

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Ebook: Lending Pools Unpacked

This free ebook provides an in-depth explanation of lending pools and their fundamental concepts, as well as their benefits.

Ebook Lending Pools Unpacked