Use Cases

Real-World Examples

Explore the real-world power of the Defactor Toolkit. Our use cases highlight the transformative impact of digital assets across industries, showcasing innovation, efficiency, and the future of decentralised finance.

Use Case

Libertum Community Engagement

Powered by Defactor’s solutions, Libertum has leveraged Engage from the Defactor toolkit, to complement their token utility and to increase engagement from their community.
Use Case

LandX Lending Pools

Offering users unprecedented access to loans secured against their xBasket tokens, Revolutionising financial inclusivity and empowerment with our pioneering and initiative leveraging of Defactor's robust infrastructure to transform the landscape of financial services.
Use Case

AURUS Lending Pools

Powered by Defactor's robust infrastructure, Aurus users can access loans against their tokens, unlocking additional value and democratising financial services. This integration makes financial flexibility and wealth generation accessible to all, revolutionising the landscape of decentralised finance.