Ebook: Lending Pools Unpacked

DeFi loans play an important role in this market, offering a new and alternative way for businesses and individuals to receive funding. With this new way of funding, intermediary parties like banks are replaced with innovative protocols, mechanisms, and methodologies, which work together to make loans cheaper, more efficient, and more transparent for borrowers, as well as more lucrative, safe, and tailored for lenders.

Lending pools play a crucial role in DeFi loans, facilitating these loans by being a dynamic reservoir of funds provided by certain communities, enabling borrowers to access loans and lenders to earn interest.

This ebook provides an in-depth explanation of lending pools and their fundamental concepts, as well as their benefits. In addition to that, it includes a comprehensive explanation of tokenised real-world assets and their usage in lending pools, as well as an overview of use cases and a description of projects suitable for leveraging lending pools.