Use Case

LandX Lending Pools

Offering users unprecedented access to loans secured against their xBasket tokens, Revolutionising financial inclusivity and empowerment with our pioneering and initiative leveraging of Defactor's robust infrastructure to transform the landscape of financial services.

Company Description

Landx provides capital to real-world farmers in exchange for a legal share of their crop in perpetuity. The contracts are ensured by a farm audit, security deposit, and lien on their land - ensuring that the tokens are backed by true real-world assets. Through LandX the cultures reliant on traditional farming approaches in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia are preserved.

Project Information

Agricultural Yield

Asset Class


Tech Used


Total Addressable Market

Reasons for Choosing the Defactor Toolkit

By utilising their tokens as collateral, $xBasket holders can now conveniently and efficiently access loans. Through the Defactor Pools infrastructure, asset liquidity is bolstered via the lending and borrowing of $USDC against $xBasket, representing a major advancement in financial accessibility.

Access to specialised infrastructure

Trusted collaboration for growth

Expanded market reach through joinT efforts

Assured security and trust via smart contract audits

Project Goals


Enhance utility for $xBasket holders and buyers.


Enhance liquidity which allows unlocked capital to be used for payment in other avenues and ventures


Establishment of initial operations to setup additional pools with variation in configuration upon defining specific KPI’s.

Implementation Phases

Phase 01

Workshop with the Defactor Team

Phase 02

Technical feasability & outline

Phase 03

Pool configuration

Phase 04

launch & cross marketing


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