Use Case

AURUS Lending Pools

Powered by Defactor's robust infrastructure, Aurus users can access loans against their tokens, unlocking additional value and democratising financial services. This integration makes financial flexibility and wealth generation accessible to all, revolutionising the landscape of decentralised finance.

Company Description

Aurus is a marketplace that facilitates the trading of tokenised commodities via its global network. By adopting the #ERC20 token standard, Aurus' tGold ($tXAU) enables ownership of fractional amounts representing the total value of gold ingots.

Project Information

Precious Metals

Asset Class


Tech Used


Total Addressable Market

Reasons for Choosing the Defactor Toolkit

Utilising the Defactor infrastructure, asset liquidity was bolstered by enabling  borrowing and lending of $USDC against $tXAU. This advancement empowers $tXAU holders to leverage their tokens as collateral, gaining access to loans with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Access to specialised infrastructure

Trusted collaboration for growth

Expanded market reach through joinT efforts

Assured security and trust via smart contract audits

Investors fund each pool, assuming the role of risk-takers by providing capital for lending. Defactor integrates measures to mitigate the risk of fund loss. In return for each loan facilitated from the pool, investors earn a percentage fee as compensation.

Project Goals


Enhance Utility for tGOLD (TXAU) holders and buyers.


Facilitate the purchase of tGOLD for long-term holding.


Utilisation of Liquidity: Unlocked capital can be used to pay for goods or services and enable investment in other ventures.


Establishment of operations and awaiting the setup of additional pools prior to defining specific KPIs.

Implementation Phases

Phase 01

Workshop with the Defactor team

Phase 02

Technical feasibility & outline

Phase 03

Pool configuration

Phase 04

Launch and cross-marketing


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