We were the one in ten!

A leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei has a strong track record of investing in innovative technology for a fully connected, intelligent world.

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Founded in 1987, Holding a robust presence in over 170 countries and serving billions of people worldwide, Huawei believes in the power of collaboration, openness, and shared success.

Having started life as a startup in 1987, Huawei feels a natural affinity for helping other startups.  “Huawei is committed to supporting Ireland’s fast-developing start-up ecosystem, which is critically important to long-term national economic development and innovation,” says Huawei’s Ireland CEO Tony Yangxu.

And when the startups are so promising, there’s probably also some money to be made for Huawei. “I’m very impressed that a lot of them already have their first paying customers,” says Dr. Ryan Qian Gong, chief investment director at Huawei. “It is amazing, what they have and what they have in their future.”

Defactor was one of only ten projects selected for this accelerator and has developed a solution for digitalising assets that currently cannot be used as collaterals for loans. “The idea is to bring in traditional financial players and teach them to use the liquidity that is now trapped in the DeFi environment,”

Watch the video : https://youtu.be/8i2hdcGkQB0https://youtu.be/8i2hdcGkQB0