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Huawei believes in the power of collaboration, openness, and shared success

Having embarked on its journey as a startup in 1987, Huawei possesses an inherent inclination towards assisting other startups. "Huawei remains steadfast in its commitment to bolstering Ireland's rapidly evolving startup ecosystem, which holds immense significance for long-term national economic growth and innovation," asserts Tony Yangxu, CEO of Huawei Ireland.

Moreover, when these startups exhibit such promise, there is undoubtedly a financial opportunity for Huawei. "I am greatly impressed by the fact that many of them have already secured their initial paying customers," acknowledges Dr. Ryan Qian Gong, Huawei's Chief Investment Director. "It is truly astounding to witness their current accomplishments and the potential they hold for the future."

Among the limited selection of ten projects accepted into this accelerator, Defactor has emerged as one of them. Their achievement lies in devising a solution to digitize assets that presently cannot serve as collateral for loans. "The objective is to engage traditional financial entities and educate them on utilizing the liquidity currently confined within the DeFi environment."