Dedicated to facilitating the digital revolution within the shipping industry.

ConsolFreight is a leading provider of SaaS freight technology with over 30 years of combined experience in successfully managing freights.

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ConsolFreight recognises a growing demand from their customers for enhanced speed, efficiency, and global coverage

ConsolFreight, LLC, is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and operates in Barcelona and Dublin, with a rapidly growing team.

ConsolFreight combines industry knowledge with advanced technologies, striving to revolutionise the way businesses operate and navigate the complexities of logistics and trade. The ConsolFreight team consists of highly skilled experts with deep knowledge and extensive experience in logistics, supply chain management, and trade finance. What sets ConsolFreight apart is the ability to finance real-world assets with decentralised finance capital, providing businesses with groundbreaking opportunities for funding and growth. This wealth of expertise enables the delivery of innovative solutions and services, ensuring heightened efficiency, transparency, and optimal results.

The ConsolFreight ecosystem has established valuable partnerships with esteemed freight forwarding networks like X2 Logistics Networks, Globalink, and Security Cargo Network. Additionally, the ecosystem boasts over 600 exclusive trade lane providers who have joined us as freight forwarders. These collaborations enhance ConsolFreight's capabilities and enable them to offer comprehensive and reliable services.