Transparent. Affordable. Limitless.

Centrifuge is dedicated to unlocking economic opportunities for everyone through transparent and cost-effective connections for borrowing and lending money.

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A robust infrastructure that facilitates decentralised financing for real-world assets

Centrifuge's innovative approach creates a transparent marketplace where borrowers and lenders can conduct transactions without unnecessary intermediaries. Centrifuge is indifferent to asset classes, accommodating a variety of assets including mortgages, invoices, microlending, and consumer finance.

The primary objective of the protocol is to decrease borrowing costs for businesses worldwide while providing DeFi users with a stable and collateralised source of yield that remains uncorrelated to cryptocurrency markets. By seamlessly integrating structured credit markets on-chain and incorporating securitisation, tokenisation, privacy, governance, and liquidity, Centrifuge actively constructs a more transparent, accessible, and boundless financial system.