A one-stop agency for all technical, financial and legal aspects of tokenisation

Black Manta Capital Partners offer comprehensive services and specialise in tokenisation, from the structuring of an issuance, through the technical implementation of an STO, to the placement on the capital market.

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As a leading agency in the field, Black Manta Capital Partners provide a seamless solution for tokenisation, with their security tokens granting investors equity, profit-sharing, and governance rights.

Black Manta Capital Partners is committed to facilitating global-scale tokenisation across various sectors, including Funds, SMEs, Real Estate, Commodities, and Start-ups. The company offers strategic guidance on the structuring and placement of Security Tokens, enabling clients to transition to the Blockchain and Web3 era.

Black Manta Capital Partners holds the distinction of being the pioneering BaFin-regulated Tokenisation as a Service (TaaS) investment platform. With a comprehensive approach, they offer clients and investors a complete range of services to seamlessly carry out every step of the security tokenisation process.