Orchestrating the Token Economy

2Tokens is a non-profit foundation that envisions a comprehensive guide for organisations seeking to harness the potential of tokens.

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2Tokens strives to foster a shared understanding of the token economy. It operates as a public interest initiative, enjoying support from a diverse community comprising technology companies, policy makers, financial advisors, banks, legal and regulatory experts, as well as academia.

Embedded within the 2Tokens foundation is a strong educational component. Through the development of token use cases, the creation of webinars and podcasts, and the documentation of their activities, the foundation actively contributes to expanding the knowledge base of tokens for both participants and interested individuals and organizations.

Recognising the importance of widely supported token regulation, 2Tokens are dedicated to raising awareness, fostering meaningful discussions, and facilitating collaboration among experts and stakeholders. By doing so, 2Tokens aims to lower the barriers to adopting tokenisation and contribute to the realisation of broader societal benefits.