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Meeting in person is a powerful way to build community, trust, and business networks.

We are hosting a series of RWA events around the world to seise the opportunity to build trust and establish meaningful relationships that hopefully lead to long-term partnerships.

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Upcoming Events

WOW Summit Hong Kong

Experience innovation at World of Web 3 Summit 2024! Unite with industry leaders for networking, discussions, and business opportunities in Web3.

Blockchain Life 2024

The 12th International Forum on Web3, cryptocurrencies, and mining will be a significant event gathering top speakers, leading companies, and the global crypto community from 120 countries.

TOKEN2049 Dubai

Playing host to a wide range of meetups, workshops, networking drinks and parties - creating unparalleled networking opportunities.

Past Events

RWA Get Real | Hong Kong

Legal aspects of RWAs - (real-world assets)