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Traditional finance faces barriers, limiting access and hindering global participation.

Unlock a new financial future with Defactor's comprehensive decentralised open-source toolkit for asset tokenisation.

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Liquidity Unleashed

Transform illiquid assets into dynamic opportunities.

Global Accessibility

Connect with a worldwide audience through blockchain interoperability.

Empowerment in Every Transaction

Utilise $FACTR tokens for seamless transactions and ecosystem growth.

Why Choose Defactor?

We provide a flexible toolkit tailored to your unique business model. Interoperable and accessible across Polygon, Algorand, and Ethereum networks for a broader user base of products:

Foster governance, staking, and support through community interaction.

Create and manage lending pools for liquidity and funding.

Digitally represent real-world assets.

Discover the Power of $FACTR

Defactor is a tangible and impactful project, reshaping the financial landscape. Purchase $FACTR tokens to ensure easy access and liquidity.

Maximise your involvement with defactor through staking programs. Explore diverse applications - from facilitating smoother transactions to driving ecosystem growth.

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Pillar I

Technology & Innovation

Defactor pioneers innovation at the convergence of Real-World Assets (RWA) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Simplifying and reducing the time to market for businesses to get started by providing DeFi liquidity backed up with real-world value.

View Roadmap
View Roadmap

Pillar II


Your participation is indispensable in boosting collaboration and driving innovation in the Real-World Assets (RWA) world. By working together, we aim to develop a community of experts and enthusiasts dedicated to exercising their voting rights, exchanging ideas, and joining projects.

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Get Involved

Pillar III


  • Engage: Foster community interaction and support through our vibrant social platforms.
  • Stay updated on Defactor's latest developments, partnerships, and announcements.
  • Join our extensive community of supporters; witness the impact of defactor
  • Join the defactor Ambassador program
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Pillar IV

Liquidity & Markets

The Liquidity & Markets pillar ensures token availability and market liquidity. The aim is to handle token issuance, nurture partnerships with market makers and liquidity providers, and closely monitor market conditions. Enhancing liquidity and optimising market dynamics are crucial aspects of the Defactor platform.

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Defactor focuses on developing, innovating, and promoting an ecosystem of tokenised real-world assets. It empowers builders and businesses to succeed in their missions with tokenisation and decentralised finance.

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